Master Set of Pulver Keys

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Original Pulver keys are seldomly seen. They are short keys with a number stamped on it. Pulver used keys numbered 1-12 for the short and tall case machines. Plus some A keys for the later models. I'm selling a master set of 1-12. When a Pulver machine left the factory, the case was also stamped with the number of the lock. Short case Pulver's were stamped inside the gum chute. The earliest tin lithographed tall cases were stamped on the circular metal coin entry frame. Porcelain tall cases were stamped on the lower right corner of the windown frame. If the lock is the original lock from the factory, you immediately know what key will open the lock. If the lock was changed, you can still get inside as one of the keys will open the lock. My master set has been a savior as I can always get into any Pulver machine! It amazes me that there are so many Pulver machines, yet original keys are almost nonexistant. Here is your change to get a complete set. Price is $200 for the set and windup key. I also have some single keys if you want an original key for your machine.

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