Pulver Tin Litho

Old Antique Pulver Chewing Gum Machine Kola Pepsin Sweet Chocolate Cocoa Pulver's Gumball Peanut Slot Machines Red Cross Spearmint Dr. King's Fruitlets yellow kid uncle sam buster brown happy hooligan

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The painted tin Pulver's are earlier than the porcelain panel Pulver machines. The tin litho cases were manufactured for a short time starting in 1899. The sun quickly faded the painted cases since they were usually hung outdoors. The Pulver company realized a change had to be made and switched to the porcelain versions which lasted much longer. Most of the painted tin cases are found in rough shape or badly faded. I have upgraded a few times and now have nice original examples of both versions--Pulver's Chocolate Cocoa & Gum and Pulver's Kola Pepsin Gum in 5 Cent Packages. The characters inside are Happy Hooligan and Buster Brown. The glass on my Buster Brown machine is cracked, but I decided to leave it since the original decal and label are still attached.

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