Pulver Porcelain Tall Case

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When I started collecting coin operated machines, I purchased a few books on the topic to learn as much as possible. As I paged through the books, I picked out a few machines for my initial want list. A tall case Pulver was one of my favorites, and Pulver Chewing Gum machines have remained on my want list ever since. I have purchased many, many Pulver's over the years trying to get all the rare versions and the best possible examples. I found the Yellow Kid on the left locally in South Dakota. After making countless phone calls to antique dealers, I scored the Pulver Chewing Gum with Yellow Kid machine when I called a gas and oil dealer/collector who had found it in 1951 as a kid. It is in incredible original condition. I've seen a few examples as nice, but never one nicer. The Kola Pepsin Gum with Uncle Sam is equally as nice, but harder to find. I purchased it from an advance collector who was a major player and collector in the 1980's and 90's. By the time I found him, he had sold off the majority of his collection with the exception of his favorite pieces. What he had left was killer, and the only negative was it took a few years to pry them away but definitely worth the wait.

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