Crystalets Breath Pellet Perfume Vendor

Old Antique Crystalets Breath Pellet Perfume Crystal Vending Company Columbus Ohio Penny Nickels

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Super cast iron double globe breath perfume machine manufactured by Crystal Vending Company in 1908. I have an old advertisement from the company which shows the location as Columbus, Ohio. Another source shows the machine was patented by R. D. Simpson. Thus, it is logical to assume the company was a precusor and somehow related to the Simpson and Columbus companies. My specific machine operates on a nickel which is amazing considering the time frame. My ad also shows they were manufactured as penny or nickel machines. I kicked myself for passing on a Crystalets machine at the ChicagoLand show because it had a recast baseplate. I've learned to make exceptions on condition since then on ultra rare machines. Luckily, there is a happy ending though. I found an old collector who had a great all original example. He didn't want to sell it, but eventually came to his senses when the price far exceeded the ChicagoLand sale.

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